poniedziałek, 30 maja 2011

It was only a month ago...

A month ago I become a happy wife :)  Nice feeling it is.
On the wedding day everything went so good, just perfect! And I even wasn't nervous... well, I was a little bit nervous when we arrived to the church, but it would be something wrong if a bride wasn't nervous at all :)

My  bouquet was made by my friend as a wedding gift for me :)

Our wedding... just unforgettable. First dance, hmm, it should be the older version of "Sleeping Sun", but we managed really good with a little bit faster version :)
And you can see now, how our cake looks like:

After official part it was only a good fun, eating, drinking and a lot of dancing :)

After midnight dj played some harder music, from AC/DC
(I really rushed to get rid of my veil before the end of this song)

to KAT

All pictures are from our photographer M. Zając.

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  1. ohhh jak pieknie ;) Gratuluje oczywiście.
    Nie ma to jak dobra muzyka ;)