środa, 29 grudnia 2010

Long long day

Finally home after a long day, a little bit tired. It was the first day at work after my last illness  and it was quite good. My supervisor and her specific, ironic sense of humour... well, I also have those kind of humour, but when it comes to I - supervisor relations... just sometimes I'm like: hmm, does she really mean it or was it just a joke?! ;) And important thing, I gave to her a plan of my holiday for next year and underlined in red the most important days, so that she would know that I just HAVE TO get those days off :)

BTW, I still don't know how to change background in my blog :(

wtorek, 28 grudnia 2010


I've just read about one politic decision in my country, which made me really angry, so I promise I will never ever write about politics here!


So I've started. My first blog ever. And in English, not my native language, so forgive me any grammar mistakes.
My wedding is comming in 4 months, so for now it will be mostly about preparation, however not today. Today is memory from last summer. Beautiful Balaton and Siófok.
It seems to be so long ago and so hot it was! We didn't have air condition in our room, so we waked up early in the morning and after breakfast went straight to the lake. Lovely time, especially when we have so cold winter this year.